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Free Radicals Are Harming You… This is Not Fake News!

What is invisible, painless, possibly debilitating and shortens the lifespan of every one of your cells? ...
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Cold Turkey is OUT!

Have you ever wanted to drink less alcohol? Have you ever thought you might need to ...
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Cannabinoids: Healing Agent for Integrative Medical Cancer Treatment

Introduction Over the past several years, the politics and science of marijuana have been making headline ...
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Six Pillars of Integrative Oncology

Western medicine treats cancer primarily with surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy. This time-honored approach is based ...
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Being healthy includes taking care of your body AND your mind.  Being mindful is a well-ingrained tenet ...
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What Exactly is an Integrative Medicine Doctor? And the top 10 reasons you should see one now.

When people hear the term “Integrative Medicine” they often think of some alternative quack doctor who ...
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What’s in my integrative medicine chest, you ask?

**Always consult your personal physician before starting any new medications--even vitamins** Liposomal Vitamin C  Vit C ...
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