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M.D. - Internal Medicine, Acupuncture, & EFT
M.D. H.M.D. - Practioner of Homeopathic Medicine
M.D. - Integrative/Functional Medicine
D.O. H.M.D - Integrative Medicine & Integrative Oncology

About Us

Mission Statement

As a pioneering group of physicians, we find ourselves regularly educating patients on ways to live healthy and fulfilled lives. The Medicine Wheel is a tool which will allow us to take that education to a new level and a new audience. By exploring the world of medicine with trained and experienced eyes we will elucidate some of the deeper meaning and mechanisms of what medicine is and how it can enrich the lives of those who use it. By interviewing experts, reporting on medical news and bringing our collective wisdom to the public we hope to enlighten our listening audience so they can be empowered to improve the quality and quantity of their lives. Good health is the foundation of our human experience and we feel it should be the top priority for a life well lived.


Vision Statement

Our Vision is to spread collective integrated medical knowledge as well as empower the public to care for themselves through appropriate lifestyle modification and the employment of wise and personalized medicine. Through our podcast we hope to shift the lives of our listeners into an awakened state in which they can apply basic tools to improve their minds, bodies and spirits. By stimulating those listening with health education, practical tools and inspiring stories we look forward to seeing a shift in the public’s ability to love and care for themselves as never before.


Our Intention

With the enormous amount of accessible information in the ethers and it’s accessibility we feel it is vital for the public to have access to medical materials that is relatable and entertaining. Our hope is that listeners can assimilate and apply the knowledge we uncover and discuss during our podcast.

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